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network 02/02/2017 - 03:00PM

Narcy on the media's portrayal of refugees - Nations & Migrations

The following poem "Extra Sensory (The War is Lost but we found ourselves)" was written by Yassin 'Narcy' Alsalman. In this piece, Narcy dispels the comfortable truth* that the media informs us about refugees in a fair and just way. Watch him perform it live at our Nations & Migrations launch here

Yassin Alsalman, better known by his stage name The Narcicyst (or Narcy) is an Iraqi-Canadian journalist, Hip Hop MC and committed activist. Follow him on twitter @TheNarcicyst.

"Extra Sensory (The War is Lost but we found ourselves)"

They said to me, Just imagine everyone in the room is naked.
I can’t take it.
From My Land Iraq to Standing Rock.
Here's a hand in lock with hand, We. Walk.
Centuries of man in shock,
The Centre Piece,
a Centered Peace.
I, a Self-Centered Being, yet My Sensors Ring.
In Fear Of Their Efforts; They censor pings,
hide the truth and Shelter Kings.
with the Same fire that had to have melt those Beams.
Let's take Jay-Z To Gaza have a feast with Assata
Spiritual Pyramid Scheme,
We are Unwell it seems.
Feed the Syrians No Fear of Tomorrow
… I wish I could Sell you Those Dreams
Me and North America Mississippi Masalla
Cultures Clash while we made love by the Water
Just Remember:
The Prophets never split the Massallah
Tell the Apocalypse to Holla, I’d buy that for a dollar.
My Dear it is Karma, In The Name of My Baba.
And We don’t seem Allah, it’s Allah
like, a la mode....
Saw Christ eating Kubba in Brooklyn, or maybe it was Harlem..
These are the sacrifices at our Modern Altar
While we spin it in PR like a Palestinian martyr.
Forget the next day, Remember this Tweet.
Favourite my Saviours. Unlike the Hated.
And Repeat. And ReTweet.
No Anxiety.
No Angst High as Me,
No Man can buy us,
No Bias to Try Us.
There is no I in Us.
Let us Dance this night away until the Morning Chases our
Oh How, we learned from Babyl.
"Hearts are the victims, people are resilient.
Waves carry our voices but never our freedom."
said the fish to the children.
Travel the length of the ocean just to find a home.
Sinking into life when you climbed the boat.
They may paint you brown, and try to take you down
No Lifetime guarantee on the day we drown.
We wouldn’t make it across.
Hang around us but you also made us the cross.
Want to consume our women but take our losses.
You might have the win but the story is ours.
Made it to the shore, what were you waiting there for?
You didn’t listen when we sounded for help. before.
All you had to do was pick up those shells,
and put your ear to our hell.
The War is lost but we found ourselves.
The War is lost but we found ourselves.
The War is lost but we found ourselves.
The War is lost but we found ourselves.

* #ComfortableTruths are mainstream attitudes and ideas about nationhood, belonging and identity that, despite not being true (such as "immigrants have it easy in Canada"), have become so engrained in the Canadian imaginary and mainstream culture that they become orthodoxy. As part of Cinema Politica's Nations & Migrations project we reached out to activists and artists across the country and asked them to share their thoughts and reactions to these so-called truths.


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