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network 16/02/2016 - 05:00PM


Cinema Politica is proud to announce that IN THE SHADOW OF BORDERS, directed collaboratively by eight Canadian filmmakers, is now available for screenings throughout the Cinema Politica Network. 

This fast-paced and ferociously argumentative documentary examines the rights and lives of migrant workers in Canada, from Filipino domestic labourers, to short-term agricultural workers, to undocumented migrants and their children. Although much of the criticism is levelled against policies enacted by the former Conservative government, the case remains that many migrants have been treated abysmally since arriving in Canada and that their suffering is left out of mainstream political discourse.

The interviewed activists and migrants create a comprehensive and shocking vision of Canada which runs utterly against its popular self-imaging as a friendly, welcoming, trustworthy country. This discrepancy between enforced policy and nationalist narratives is hardly new: IN THE SHADOW OF BORDERS makes a compelling historical comparison between racist past policies, such as the Chinese head tax and the settler conquest of the prairies, and modern governments’ treatment of diasporic and indigenous peoples. In particular, the extensive focus on migrant children, who are barred from enrolling in schools or getting medical attention, makes IN THE SHADOW OF BORDERS into a heart-wrenching and necessary film the Cinema Politica Network. 

At a tight thirty-seven minutes in length, IN THE SHADOW OF BORDERS would make a fascinating screening partner with many other film(s) in our network about refugees, migration, labour, protests or indigenous land claims. The film is so thematically versatile and politically poignant that we are fascinated to see where, how, and with what other films our locals choose to show it!


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