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network 21/11/2016 - 02:00PM

New CP VOD Releases – Recognize, Rethink, Resist

Cinema Politica’s mandate of screening truth to power requires that abusive institutions must be recognized as such, and then be challenged with an informed community’s resistance. Accordingly, our latest round of VOD programming presents a compelling case for why the destructive convergence of corporate power and unaccountable governments must be scrutinized by radical politics and challenged by resilient activism.


Corporate power’s abuses of the environment and human rights is at the core of END:CIV and THE GOOD NEIGHBOUR, both of which have been popular titles in the CP Network over the last two years. END:CIV applies its hardline interpretation of corporate/government-collaboration-as-fascism to the resource extraction industry. The film forces the viewer to confront our complicity in accepting such fascistic behaviour form our own governments, arguing that most people would violently resist an invading fascist nation that destroys our forests and poisons our water. THE GOOD NEIGHBOUR investigates the appropriation of Norway’s public image as a cutting-edge and sustainable innovator to gloss over the environmental destruction caused by the Scandinavian country’s ongoing investments in the Alberta tar sands.

The environmental destruction caused by corporate greed often goes hand-in-hand with human rights abuses against Indigenous and impoverished communities around the world. Martha Stiegman’s powerful HONOUR YOUR WORD shows the lengths to which some Indigenous communities in Canada must go to ensure that the federal and provincial governments respect their treaties with aboriginal communities. Unfortunately, illegal resource extraction projects and invasive prospecting on Indigenous land in Canada often has government – and therefore, police – support, which forces the Indigenous communities to rally to their own defence. Meanwhile, the CRUDE GOLD series showcases the willingness of Canadian multinational mining companies to intimidate and attack poverty-stricken communities in the Global South to gain faster and cheaper access to their property, often with the silent complicity of the community’s own government. 


Cinema Politica’s catalogue is loaded with films that provide clear reasons to fight back and showcase strategies of resistance against institutionalized injustice, from the absurdities levelled against the “evils of marijuana” depicted in GRASS to the disturbing racial profiling and persecution of post-911 Arabic-Canadian men in GHOSTS. These reasons to resist can also take the form of cautionary tales, such as SILHOUETTE CITY’s, an unsettling investigation into American right-wing Christian movements; in the absence of an organized progressive resistance, the political opportunists and apocalypse-anticipating militias of the Christian Right will perpetuate the institutional abuses of power that Cinema Politica’s filmmakers aspire to counter.

In the wake of the recent American presidential election, the need to speak – and stream – truth to power becomes all the more urgent. Cinema Politica’s network and VOD programming remains committed to calling out institutions that abuse their authority, presenting independent and alternate visions of how the world could work, and inciting people to take to the street in solidarity and optimism.

On a last note and with that in mind, STREET POLITICS 101 makes persuasive cases for a radical, anarchistic rethinking of the power structures in our daily lives by following the tactics of “independent collaboration” among the Canadian anarchist activists who joined in Montreal’s 2012 “Maple Spring” protests.

Stay tuned for more exciting Cinema Politica VOD releases!


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