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network 14/11/2019 - 01:00PM


This year’s RIDM has many incredible films to offer, and Cinema Politica is very excited to be premiering our newest distribution title, ANOTHER WORD FOR LEARNING, along with our co-presentations of NO GOLD FOR KALSAKA and CONVICTION.

ANOTHER WORD FOR LEARNING is directed by Jadis M. Dumas and produced by Amy Miller and the executive director of CP, Svetla Turnin. We are thrilled to premiere the film in Montreal with the director, producers, and the protagonist of the film in attendance!

A powerful counter-narrative, ANOTHER WORD FOR LEARNING tells the inspiring story of a young indigenous girl, Aisha, carving out her own path to education. Her personal desires and cultural heritage compel her to learn outside of imposed state structures. Clever, creative and fierce, the Kwakwaka'wakw girl pulls no punches as she critiques the colonial institutions that seek to fit her into a box she finds un-relatable and unjust at the core. The subtle and insightful film premieres at Cinema Du Parc on November 15th and 17th.  To find out more, and book your tickets, click here.

NO GOLD FOR KALSAKA tells the story of a small village in the African country of Burkina Faso, where the people lived off the gold provided by their local mine. Their livelihoods were stolen with the arrival of a multinational mining corporation, which expropriated local landowners and exploited the natural resources, leaving the local people with nothing. The creatively inventive film will be screening at J.A. De Seve Cinema on November 15th.  To find out more, and book your tickets, click here.

Alarmed by the rising numbers of women in prison and inspired by the conviction of Senator Kim Pate, CONVICTION flips the narrative away from pop culture's voyeuristic lens and hands it to the women who are being victimized, marginalized and criminalized in our society. It is a poignant and hopeful documentary: asking us to imagine alternatives to the carceral system. The striking film will be screening at Concordia on November 18th.  To find out more, and book your tickets, click here.


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