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network 20/12/2016 - 04:00PM

Spoken Word by Narcy at Nations & Migrations Launch Event

Photo credit: Emily Gan

At CP’s Nations & Migrations launch screening of THE CROSSING, we invited Narcy to perform an introductory piece. On stage, framed by Sundus Abdul Hadi's painting of a tanker packed with migrants and war planes overhead, he explained that he would be sharing a poem rather than performing, citing a need to appropriately engage with the utter direness of the current moment; a moment when a record 65 million people across the globe have been forced to leave their homes and when neocolonial imperial forces continue to destroy homelands.

Check out the piece Narcy performed, "Extra Sensory (The War is Lost but we found ourselves)", in the video below to hear his poetic tracing of those resisting war worldwide and how, from Standing Rock to Syria, colonized peoples have shared battles and oppressors.


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