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network 28/11/2016 - 03:00PM

A Tribe Called Red Music Video, Directed by Narcy - Nations & Migrations

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As enthusiastic fans of both A Tribe Called Red and Narcy, we couldn't resist including this new collaboration from these incredible artists (also featuring Yasiin Bey and Black Bear) as part of our new project Nations & Migrations. N&M features screening and speaking events that explore issues of nationhood, belonging and identity. The project also features "comfortable truths" - mainstream attitudes and ideas about nationhood, belonging and identity that, despite not being true (such as "immigrants have it easy in Canada"), have become so engrained in the Canadian imaginary and mainstream culture that they become orthodoxy.

As part of Cinema Politica's Nations & Migrations project we reached out to activists and artists across the country and asked them to share their thoughts and reactions to these so-called truths. The video above was made before we launched the project, but we include it here for its exploration of identity, its border-defying undertones, and for the ways in which A Tribe Called Red and Narcy are committed to challenging the single nation myth of Canada.


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