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network 14/02/2017 - 11:00AM

Corporate Orgasms, Women’s Porn, Pink Sari Justice: New Valentines On Demand Titles

We know Valentine’s Day is mostly a bunch of commercial nonsense, so we have a hearty antidote for anyone suffering from the lamestream lovesick blues. Cinema Politica lovingly presents ten fresh Video on Demand titles available to stream straight to your heart, your mind, and…everything else. These films are all available on VOD beginning February 14, so grab your crush and cuddle up! 

Some fire for your HEART:

February 14th is also the day communities take to the streets and stage actions to raise awareness and demand change on the ongoing human catastrophe of Canada’s Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, so we begin our launch with a title from a powerful Indigenous woman’s vision of living through the trauma of a violent occupation.

Cinema Politica is proud to announce the VOD release of Mohawk director Roxann Whitebean's LEGEND OF THE STORM, a powerful film that traces the Oka Crisis (the 78-day standoff that erupted between the Mohawk Nation and the Canadian and Quebec Governments during the summer of 1990) through the eyes of a nine year old girl named Otsí:tsa, who stands defiant on her family property. You are certain to feel for this tough Mohawk girl who will not be defeated, or even intimidated by her oppressors in this impressionist autobiographical account of living through but one iteration of the trauma of colonization.

Speaking of powerful women directors depicting strong female representations, next up we have the incredibly inspiring GULABI GANG by Nishtha Jain. Jain carefully and compellingly traces a group of women from her native India who call themselves the Pink Saris, and who stand up against patriarchy and terrible acts of violence against women in that country. This is one of the most inspiring films we at CP have had the honour to encounter, and we know that anyone interested in gendered violence and resistance, as well as feminism, social movements and women empowerment will be thrilled to also encounter this bold and courageous story on their own screens.

Shifting to the topic of men who are doing their part for unity and harmony, Ella Cooper’s BLACK MEN LOVING follows dads who are challenging the toxic media depictions of the absent black father. These dads recall their family histories, the pride in raising children of their own, and the drive to share examples of loving black fatherhood in the face of a media that renders them invisible.

And back on the topic of property and violence, a family is determined to stop the tar sands-fueled Keystone XL oil pipeline from crossing their land in the riveting ABOVE ALL ELSE. This captivating feature doc focuses on a retired Texan high-wire artist named Daniel as he—and a group of radical eco-activists who he invites to his property—persists through years of activism culminating in a final stand against the pipeline: a dramatic tree top blockade of the controversial project. ABOVE ALL ELSE captures this impassioned crusade and shows that a helluva lot of devotion is needed to beat unaring Big Oil and Gas (and colluding governments).

…. fuel for your MIND:

A new addition to the Crude Gold Series, THE CASE OF ECO ORO questions Canadian-funded mining exploitation in Columbia. This short urgently frames the violence experienced by activists, union leaders and Indigenous peoples who are engaged in protracted resistance to protect their lands.

HUICHOLES: THE LAST PEYOTE GUARDIANS continues on the theme of transnational corporate extraction wreckage as this beautiful and moving film that presents the bravery of Mexico’s Huichol people in their defense of Wirikuta, a sacred territory, against the irreversible threat of mining. 

Pivoting to another VOD title exploring progressive movements, ANARCHRONICLES: CHRONICLES OF A LIBERTARIAN MOVEMENT works to de-mystify the chaotic labels often attributed to the Quebecois anarchist movement. Anarchism is perhaps the most misrepresented political philosophy and belief system across the media spectrum, and we are delighted to share with audiences a corrective to this maligned legacy.

On the topic of ideology, we are proud to release a heady mid-length that is bound to provoke some dedicated critical thinking. Prior to his death in the Charlie Hebdo attacks, progressive economist Bernard Maris shared a series of interviews with director and CP Board Member Richard Brouillette, which now offer a posthumous and mischievous rehashing of economic truths, compiled in the fascinating UNCLE BERNARD: A COUNTER-LESSON IN ECONOMICS.

… and a little love for all your other parts:

For the more lusty viewers out there, BAD GIRL is Marielle Nitoslawska’s controversial exploration into the creation of pornography made by women and for women. As women work to create and represent their own desire on film, the camera confronts and alters the expectations of male consumers of pornography, while adding a contentious voice to the third wave discussion on the sex industry and representations of female sexuality. 

Picking right up from there, ORGASM INC. follows director Liz Canner as she documents the pharmaceutical industry’s attempts to produce a ‘female Viagra’. What began as a film about science and pleasure soon transforms into a staggering look inside the medical industry and the marketing campaigns that are relentlessly targeting—and commodifying—our health, our desire, and that ultimate moment: the orgasm.

With the VOD launch of these ten pulse-quickening titles, most of which have never been made available online, Cinema Politica continues its commitment to showcasing independent and alternate visions of the world through our distribution and exhibition efforts.

Forget the Netflixopoly and spend this Valentine’s Day with CPVOD, where we stream truth to power and expose corporate, cultural and government bad romance in all its dressings.


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