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Born in Gaza

Hernán Zin / Spain / 2014 / 65 ' / English - Arabic / S.T. English


Alicia Medina
Hernán Zin
Hernán Zin
Nerio Gutiérrez
Carlos Martín
Hernán Zin, Nieves Rebolledo, Jon Sistiaga & Olmo Figueredo

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A poetic, visually stunning tribute to the children who work, play, dream and survive in the world's largest open air prison.


BORN IN GAZA provides an intimate, deep look – leaving aside political debates – of how violence transforms the lives of ten children. A deeply human vision of the war and its consequences.

The film ends three months after the end of the Israeli offensive, allowing us to see what has become of these children while highlighting their struggles to overcome the horrors suffered and regain some normalcy in their lives.

Through observational footage and interviews, Hernán Zin provides, with sensitivity, individual stories that go far beyond news coverage of the events and offer children the opportunity to be heard. In doing so, he also provides space for dialogue and healing. ‘The situation is really complicated. We have a war every two years’, states 13 year old Mohamed. ‘I often think about our situation and I never see the end’.


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