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Boy I Am

Sam Feder & Julie Hollar / United States / 2006 / 72 ' / English


Jules Rosskam & Sam Feder
Sam Feder & Julie Hollar
Joshua Guthals
Joshua Guthals
Jesse Olsen
Sam Feder, Julie Hollar & Dahlia Kozlowsky

Awards & Festivals

Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival- Audience Favorite Documentary Feature
Newfest, New York LGBT Film Festival
Frameline, San Francisco LGBT Film Festival
Outfest, Los Angeles G&L Film Festival
Kansai Queer Film Festival
Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival
Netherlands Transgender Film Festival
InsideOut Lesbian & Gay Film & Video Festival
Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Hungry XII, Hungarian Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Festival
QDoc, Portland Queer Documentary Film Festival
London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

Upcoming Screenings

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In Production

A probing look at questions and resistance toward FTMs from the lesbian community.


An important exploration of issues rarely touched upon by most films portraying female-to-male (FTM) transgender experiences, this feature-length documentary sets itself apart from other recent films on this topic. Tackling the resistance of some women in feminists and lesbian communities who view FTM transitioning as at best a "trend" or at worst an anti-feminist act that taps into male privilege, this groundbreaking film opens up a dialog between the lesbian, feminist, and transgender communities while also promoting understanding of transgender issues for general audiences. In the course of the film, three young transitioning FTMs in New York City- Nicco, Norie and Keegan- go through major junctures in their transitions, discussing everything from their relationships with their bodies, feminism, and the intersection of race and class with their transgender identity. Their stories are interspersed with interviews with lesbians, activists and theorists who engage with the often-contentious questions and issues that are raised within the queer and feminist communities but are rarely discussed openly. Situating these struggles and stories as inextricably linked to queer and feminist struggles, BOY I AM presents an empowering chronicle of queer resistance that challenges all viewers to rethink their concepts of activism and identity.


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