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Razan AlSalah / Palestinian Territory - Canada / 2020 / 9 ' / Arabic - English


Ali Kays
Nabiha Iqbal

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An exile, unable to return to Palestine, becomes a digital spectre floating over the infrastructure of Israeli military occupation in Palestine.


Surreal imagery from Google Maps, Wikipedia and 20th century colonial photography are combined in this experimental film essay on the erasure of Palestinian history and presence. CANADA PARK uncovers the territory of Imwas, a village cited in the Old Testament that was razed by the Israeli Defence Forces and replaced by Canada Park.

Transporting the viewer into a field of the uncanny, the other-worldly sensation of CANADA PARK is underscored by the esoteric soundscape of London-based musician, producer and DJ Nabiha Iqbal.

As filmmaker Razan AlSalah writes: "I walk on snow to fall unto the desert. I find myself on unceded indigenous territory in so called Canada, an exile unable to return to Palestine. I trespass the colonial border as a digital spectre floating through Ayalon-Canada Park, transplanted over three Palestinian villages razed by the Israeli Defense Forces in 1967."


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