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Rouge Parole

Elyes Baccar / Qatar - Tunisia - Switzerland / 2011 / 94 ' / Arabic / S.T. English


Anis Hammami
Elyes Baccar
Maher Nacheb
Denis Séchaud
Selim Jebali
Sofyann Ben Youssef
Mahmoud Bouneb, Elyes Baccar, Nicolas Wadimoff & Joëlle Rubli
Fine Pearl Qatar
GAÏA Production

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DFI - Doha Film Institute 2011

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An intimate look at Tunisia in 2011, as regrouping and forming a post-revolution social and political landscape are discussed by citizens.


The Arab Revolution erupted in a country that no one would expect: a political earthquake that shook the whole world.

Tunisia appeared to be a quiet and stable country, where life seemed pleasant. However, most Tunisians turned a blind eye to the corruption of their rulers and the systematic looting of their country’s resources, intimidated and tarnished by the regime’s cruelty and depravation.

Ben Ali was not facing any immediate threat and things seemed to be business as usual. He was even preparing a national campaign to become President for life! Nobody could anticipate the explosion that would burst from the chilly Tunisian winter, until that Friday of December 17th, 2011.

A young man set fire to himself because of hardship and oppression. Images of his burnt body opened the eyes and hearts of an entire nation.
The fight for freedom and dignity had begun.

The people’s words and calls would roar crimson red! Red like blood, red like roses, red like hope... and fear!

ROUGE PAROLE is a documentary record of this event, and a strong reminder to all people that if they choose to live, darkness will fade, chains will break and fate will answer their call ... no matter how long it may take or how brutal tyrants may be!

ROUGE PAROLE is the story of a popular revolution, emotionally told by its heroes through both their silence and their clamour.

It is the story of Freedom, summoned by History.


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