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The Spirit of Annie Mae

Catherine Anne Martin / Canada / 2002 / 74 ' / English


Angela Baker
Kent Nason
Kent Martin

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Awards & Festivals

2003, Winner, International Film and Video Festival, Columbus, Bronze Plaque Award - Category: Social Issues
2003, Winner, Big Bear Lake International Film Festival, Jury Award - Best Documentary
2003, Winner, Big Bear Lake International Film Festival, West Allis, Award of Distinction - Category: Documentary Feature
2003, Winner, Great Plains Film Festival, Best Documentary Feature
2003, Winner, First Peoples' Festival (Land InSights), 2nd Prize Rigoberta Menchu Tum - Category: Community

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In Production

The story of Annie Mae Aquash's remarkable life and her brutal murder


In 1975, Annie Mae Pictou Aquash, a 30-year-old Nova Scotia born-Mi'kmaw, was shot dead, execution style, on a desolate road in South Dakota. Nearly three decades later the crime remains a mystery.

Aquash was highly placed in the American Indian Movement (AIM), a radical First Nations organization that took up arms in the 1970s to fight for the rights of their people.

The Spirit of Annie Mae is a moving tribute from the women who were closest to Annie Mae: the two daughters who fled with their mother when she hid from the FBI; the young women she inspired to embrace Native culture; and the other activists, including Buffy Sainte-Marie and investigative journalist Minnie Two Shoes, who stood in solidarity with her.

All are still trying to understand why she met such a violent death. Follow them on their journey as they celebrate the life of a woman who inspired a generation of First Nations people.

This title is available consumer market (individuals) and to the educational market only (schools, colleges, universities, etc).


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