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cinema politica Inverness

established June 2011

local co-sponsors

previously screened

Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change
Edible City & Crackdown!
Gulabi Gang
Hands On: Women, Climate, Change
Gently Whispering the Circle Back
5 Broken Cameras
Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret
Living Downstream
The End of the Line
Poor No More

about cinema politica Inverness

The Inverness County Chapter of the Council of Canadians is pleased to join with Cinema Politica to screen documentaries to our community, with the desire to inspire, inform and engage you on important social, political, cultural, environmental and economic issues which affect us both locally and globally. Screenings will often be followed by a presentation or facilitated discussion by a chapter member, documentary producer, or local community member engaged in the topic, whenever possible. Topics include such things as: public health, water, environment, energy, and trade, amongst others.

Screenings are free of charge and open to the public – we’d love to see you!

If you are a member of a community group and would like to partner with us for a screening, please be in touch by e-mail:

Screenings will be held throughout the community. Please check: or for more information on upcoming screenings.

upcoming screenings

Stay tuned for upcoming screenings for inverness!


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