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cinema politica Toronto

established November 2014

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The Prison in Twelve Landscapes
The Prison in Twelve Landscapes
On the Bride's Side
On the Bride's Side
On the Bride's Side
Huicholes: The Last Peyote Guardians
Children 404
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about cinema politica Toronto

Cinema Politica Toronto is our general catch-all home for all our screenings that do not occur directly at one of our Toronto area locals (Cinema Politica @ the Bloor, CP Danforth, CP UofT, CP York and CP Ryerson). Our screening events listed here are instead collaborations with other groups and organizations who we are always delighted to work with. While it is estimated that Toronto has around 100 film festivals per year, we feel that there is still room for community-engaged, always-political, pay-what-you-can cinema in the city. 

upcoming screenings

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