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bloor 13/06/2013 - 03:00PM

Queer refugee and advocate all-stars at the Bloor

Director Paul Émile d’Entremont & lawyer El-Farouk

On the first Tuesday of this month (June) Cinema Politica @ The Bloor screened the new NFB film LAST CHANCE, about queer refugees seeking refuge in Canada.

We had the film's director Paul Émile d’Entremont and queer refugee lawyer El-Farouk in attendance, and both spoke during the audience Q&A. 

It was a fantastic event with around 150 in attendance and a refugee shelter group from Toronto brought a whole group to the screening.

Given the current Canadian government's actions on refugee processes, we hope that many more CP locals screen this great doc!

d'Entremont and subjects from the film were interviewed on CBC's Q the following day, you can listen here.


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