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CapeCod 22/06/2010 - 01:19PM

Cinema Politica kicked out of screening venue

We're sorry to inform you that the Woods Hole Community Association sent a letter last week informing us that we are not invited to rent the Firehouse during July and August-- and only after a hearing in September will they consider renting to us again.

At issue is our decision to screen five films over the past year and a half regarding the human rights situation in Palestine-- most recently, our June 4 screening of "Occupation 101."

Since last year, we have been hearing that some members of the the WHCA Board of Directors take issue with these documentaries. But in our discussions with the Community Association co-presidents, we have not been able to find out what their concerns are or how our groups could work together to resolve our differences.

We have invited WHCA members to come to the films and take part in discussion-- which we feel would be a first step in relieving tensions, by getting the debate out into the open. As far as we know, nobody who has a problem with these films has attended any screenings; instead, the Board has seen fit to ban us from the Firehouse.

If this update concerns you, there are two things you can do: sign our petition and send emails to the WHCA co-presidents:
Catherine Bumpus at
Steve Junker at

Please send the email to both of them and remember to cc: Our goal is to reach 1,000 signatures by next month.

And for those who are anticipating a painful Friday night documentary withdrawal, don't worry! Cinema Politica will be going on the road this summer, screening films in a variety of locations. Please stay tuned for details-- and if you know of a venue that we might be welcome in, please let us know!

If you would like to include a note on our blog, please send us one at

-the CP Team


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