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CapeCod 10/02/2015 - 06:00PM


Divine Interventions: Documentary, Spirituality and Social Justice explores the intersection of social justice and spirituality in documentary cinema. As a sidebar program of documentary screenings, the project looks at the roles spirituality, religion and secularism play in fostering or inhibiting a plurality of perspectives, as well as understanding across cultural, religious, and ethnic borders, and lastly participation in social causes, campaigns and movements. Here are some thoughts from our local at Cinema Politica Cape Cod.

Many people have heard about Cape Cod, and chances are, beaches, sun, Kennedys, and expensive yachts are what come to mind. Yes, even among leftists.

But that is really not the reality for most of us, and it never becomes more obvious than in the dark, windswept Cape Cod winter.

We wanted to lighten the load a little bit, and take advantage of the natural turning inward we all do in the wintertime. That's why we're featuring a series of Cinema Politica's #DivineDocs this season. Not only are there some incredible subjects to choose from, there is also an sub-theme that gets right to the heart of political documentary filmmaking. What, if not for the resilience of the human spirit, is the struggle all about? And without that, what would there be to make a film about?

So far we've screened LET THE FIRE BURN, HEART OF SKY, HEART OF EARTH, and AYITI TOMA. And while the subjects range from police brutality in Philadelphia to mining exploitation of indigenous land in Central America, and continued colonization of Haiti, they are all connected by the spiritual need to live in connection with the earth and one's culture. Discussion after these films always seems a little more profound, focusing less on the outrage of what we've seen, and more on the fact that we, too, need to keep those connections. Rather than walking away with resolve to write to our representatives or buy less throw-away junk, it seems that everyone understands on a deeper level that in order to change society, the first step comes from within.

We're looking forward to our next Divine Doc screening on Feb. 13, the day before V-Day, in partnership with Occupy Falmouth. Fueled by complimentary Valentines Day-themed refreshments and information from local organizations, we hope that people will be encouraged to get involve in creating positive change in our community. What do we want this world to look like? How can we strengthen and build that world? What do we truly need to sustain that kind of growth?

We hope you'll come join the conversation-- and be inspired, just like CP regular Kyle Banks.


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