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carleton 14/11/2015 - 06:06PM

AFTER THE LAST RIVER screening a huge success at Carleton CP

November 14, 2015 - OTTAWA

Many thanks go out to the over 60 people who attended the screening of director Victoria Lean's documentary AFTER THE LAST RIVER, a "damning indictment of the de Beers diamond company and Canadian government's complicity in the oppression of Canada’s Indigenous people." The room was almost at capacity (75) and is considered one of the most successful screenings at Carleton Cinema Politica.

Attendees were treated to the 90 minute film as well as an engaging Skype-in Q&A from director Victoria Lean. Lean answered questions about the film, environmental impacts of mining, her observations while filming on the social and economic crises in Northern Ontario, the feedback and kickback that RIVER has received, and also talked about projections and possibilities for the current political climate to impact the Attawapiskat traditional territory.

The film was praised with excellent feedback, including the excellent cinematography, research, and story telling. Most of all, the emotional impact and call to action was there, prompting discussion of continued activism to protect the environment, indigenous traditional territory, and to challenge political complicity and complacence.

Thanks go out to Professor Noel Salmond (Carleton Humanities Dept.), the Aboriginal Service Centre, OPIRG-Carleton, Victoria Lean, and finally to everyone who came, and to those who were able to stick around a little longer for the Q&A.

We will be promoting our upcoming screening as well as some events happening with community affiliates at Carleton in the coming weeks.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Carleton CP and would like to volunteer and attend monthly meetings, please contact us at Carleton [at] CinemaPolitica [dot] org.

Emily Ramsay & Zoey Feder
Coordinators - Carleton Cinema Politica


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