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fredericton 13/09/2012 - 04:45PM

Cinema Politica Fredericton feature article in The Aquinian: Strawberry Fields Forever?

Strawberry Fields Forever?
By: Dylan Hackett - The Aquinian, September 10, 2012, p. 9. (text has been made more compact for convenience)

The Sunset Berry U-Pick on the North side of Fredericton is in jeopardy and the folks at Cinema Politica Fredericton chose to raise awareness through film.

“It may not be a strawberry field forever but it is urban agriculture and that trend is growing immensely throughout Canada and North America. Losing it would be a tremendous loss,” said St. Thomas sociology professor Matthew Hayes. Hayes ran for mayor of the city last spring but didn’t defeat long time mayor Brad Woodside. Hayes’ platform consisted of working towards a stronger local economy and keeping the U-Pick was among his intentions.

City council is revisiting the zoning of the urban farm and a final decision will be made Sept 24. This isn’t to say residents are not putting up a fight. A petition of over 3,000 signatures is circulating to keep the U-Pick alive.“Handing that land over to a developer would be throwing away an innovative part of urban agriculture.” Hayes said.

Cinema Politica Fredericton will screen independent film ‘Edible Cities’ this Friday at the Conserver House on Saint John Street. The film takes viewers to San Francisco to examine a group of people striving to change their communities by growing local food.

University of New Brunswick culture and language professor Sophie Lavoie has been organizing film screenings for nearly four years. The films showcased set out to engage their audience in Canada’s role involving pressing social, economic, political environmental and economic issues. Lavoie believes that screenings much like that of ‘Edible Cities’ is a “good way to publicize urban agriculture.” Lavoie said situations like that on the north side should be regarded as a top priority for the city of Fredericton. “The U-Pick should definitely be put up for consultation in order to make that land more sustainable.”

A discussion will be held after the screening of “Edible Cities” with Hayes to explore the implications and side affects of losing such an important part of Fredericton’s community. Cinema Politica Fredericton will screen ‘Edible City’ this Thursday Sept 13 on the north side at Greener Village: Community Food Centre at 7pm. The film will also be screened this Friday Sept 14 at the Conserver House on Saint John Street at the same time. The films are free but donations are welcome.

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