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fredericton 21/04/2012 - 05:35PM

CP Fredericton Intern Chelsea Farrar

STU Student Chelsea Farrar just completed her volunteer hours at the Fredericton Local of Cinema Politica, one of the CP network’s most active locals, established in 2007. Chelsea approached Cinema Politica Fredericton in January of 2012 about volunteering. She is a student in the course entitled “Human Rights and NGOs” in the Human Rights Programme at Saint Thomas University, in Fredericton. The Human Rights Programme encourages students to eliminate prejudice, fosters respect and compassion amongst people, and encourages a commitment to improve lives. These goals matched CP Fredericton’s objectives of informing and engaging audiences on important socio-political, cultural, environmental and economic issues.

During her time as volunteer, Chelsea was supervised by one of the Founders of the Cinema Politica Chapter in Fredericton, Tracy Glynn, and by Sophie Lavoie, one of the volunteers. Chelsea showed her creative talent by making weekly posters and building event pages on Facebook for CP films. She also did leg work by putting up posters on the hilly STU and UNB Campuses. Thanks Chelsea!

As a non-profit network, CP Fredericton is always looking for volunteers. Contact us at fredericton [at] cinemapolitica [dot] org for details on what you can do to help.


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