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fredericton 12/02/2016 - 04:09PM

CP Fredericton, Show Us the Love!

Here’s what Cinema Politica’s attendees had to say about us in January 2016. Thanks everyone for participating in our t-shirt draw by telling us your favourite things about Cinema Politica. Names have been withheld for privacy.

“My favourite thing about Cinema Politica is that it shares independent Canadian filmmakers who explore political issues.”

“The documentaries are informative and artistic. The discussions afterwards make me appreciate being a part of this community.”

“I love increasing social awareness.”

“It is a great place to be informed and discuss world events.”

“You’re cool (no joking)!”

“Cinema Politica movies are always thought provoking!”

“Great films!”

“I like learning about and discussion films with the added benefit of a like-minded community!”

“Cinema Politica gives me a chance to learn.”

“Amazing, thought-provoking films.”

“Social Conscience for the community.”

“It is a platform for the voices of those who have been marginalized.”

“It is an educational experience that I can share with member of the community from other social demographic groups.”

“Good way to start the weekend.”

“An eye on the world we seldom see.”

“I like getting to see stuff I wouldn’t otherwise see!”

“Fantastic, informative, thought-provoking films. Great friends too.”

“The best part of Cinema Politica is the community of interesting people who come here, many of whom are friends. I am a great nerd. Documentaries are my favourite.”

“I always learn SO much.”

“What I like the most….the sound quality (ha ha).”

“ My favourite thing about Cinema Politica is the human connection we build here in Fredericton and globally.”

“I like how Cinema Politica raises awareness about important issues.”

“I like thought-provoking topics.”

“I like Cinema Politica’s motto.”

“I like CP because the documentaries bring awareness to the onlookers of many issues/problems in the world.”

“I like that the films bring up issues that are important.”

“I love that learning can be so much fun; the conversations are always enlightening!”


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