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fredericton 31/05/2010 - 12:25PM

Suing to keep posters on poles

Posters on public utility poles lead a short life in downtown Fredericton.

Members of community groups and promoters for music and art shows put up posters on these poles daily.  Whenever they’re put up, an employee of Downtown Fredericton Inc. (DFI) removes them - with the exception of a handful of poles.

Dave Steele and three other Fredericton residents are fighting for the rights of the unseen poster.  They have served a lawsuit against DFI and its General Manager, Bruce McCormack.


Cinema Politica puts up different posters regularly for their weekly film screenings. Glynn says the group is frustrated by the poster removal that they say is wasting their money, time and resources. Read more at NB Media Co-op. 




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