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london 09/02/2010 - 12:07PM

london loved the coca-cola case

London, Ontario is generally known as a conservative city and progressive action tends to be marginal and isolated, however, the 130 people at Friday night's screening of The Coca-Cola Case were a clear sign that things are changing.

We screened the film in a room designed for 120 people at King's University College and based on previous screenings by CP London and other groups, the room was set up for about 60 people. Within a few minutes of opening the doors it was clear
that more seats would be needed. The people kept pouring in and we found as many chairs as we could but we couldn't find enough so some people ended up sitting on tables or the ground.

We got some good local media coverage, with an article in London's leading daily paper, the London Free Press.  The article: Cinema Politica London puts Coca-Cola in hot seat, definitely played a significant role in the success.

Two students and leaders of the local Killer Coke campaign conducted the discussion following the film.  The main point of discussion was the exclusive contract the University of Western Ontario has with Coca-Cola.  Student's council representatives were present and articulated the nature of the contract and
explained that they do have the power to challenge it, as it is up for renewal this year.

We anticipate the success of Friday's screening to continue with the next three screenings scheduled for March 15, April 19,and May 10 at the London Public Library, Central Branch.


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