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london 03/02/2016 - 02:39PM

Our Screening of "The Suffering Grasses"

REFUGEES - Resistance & Resilience:
More than 800 government-assisted Syrian refugees expected to arrive in London by the end of February |

London community rallies for Syrian refugees |
The CULTURES OF RESISTANCE ( film makers have this to say about our Cinema Politica London's screening of "THE SUFFERING GRASSES" in connection with the activist work of Syrian composer/pianist Malek
Check out the work of Malek Jandali! Jandali is a Syrian-American pianist and composer whose work is known for being politically charged. He's held concerts to raise awareness of the humanitarian crisis in Syria, as well as composed work honoring the Syrian opposition. In 2013, he organized a tour called "The Voice of the Free Syrian Children."

On February 4, Cinema Politica, in London, Ontario, is screening our short film The Suffering Grasses. They will show a series of short videos from Jandali! Check out a video of Jandali's work here:
Find out more about him here:
Voice of America - Malek Jandali Debuts Syrian Symphony at Carnegie Hall

►CBC interview: Syrian composer Malek Jandali on the urge to create in the face of destruction.
What good can music do in the face of unthinkable violence and destruction? That question is a driving force for Syrian composer and pianist Malek Jandali.
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►Want to understand how the Syrian Crisis came about?
Check out these three 5 minutes short videos which provide an animated overview of events.

►How can you can help refugees in your community?

Reach out to community leaders--get involved!


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