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malmo 20/10/2015 - 06:20AM

Cine-MANY Politica Malmö presents BORN IN GAZA

Wednesday lmost one hundred people showed up for the screening at Garaget

Dear everyone!

For both GULABI GANG and MANUFACTURING CONSENT some people ended up in the wrong place, following their map to Garaget. That was very unfortunate and we are so happy that you guys wandered around trying to find us! However, to avoid anymore lost Cinema Politica searchers we provided some updated "how-to-get-there"-guidance. In combination with Cinema Politica's rather succesful last term, a beautiful, devastating, and harsh documentary, and a pinch of coincidence, you've got a very special Cinema Politica Wednesday.

After the filmed, Clara and Futur could not quite agree whether or not it was a good thing that we forgot to warn people by the harshness of the film. Then, the discussion turned to the topic of "what is okay to screen". How do we perceive and relate to realities if we do not see them as they are, though devastating? Does it matter? Moralities in war and conflict, as well as in representations of the latter are difficult to discuss and determine. That is probably also why many different standpoints and opinions were expressed during the evening. Trying to do a recap it here is simply not possible and would not honour the intimacy of our discussion. However, we hope that you get the opportunity to watch this documentary with your local if you have not seen it. It fuels many important and complex question that are vital to discuss -- not necessarily answer! -- in a world where depictions of war and conflict are part of our everyday life.

We want to add a special thank you to the people who shared their personal experiences. It was, as mentioned, indeed a evening to remember, on our part. We sincerely hope that each and everyone understand how much we appreciate that you allow us to host such an intimate evening, filled with heavy and important topics.

We look forward to seeing you in the future for (hopefully) as successful screenings!

Yours Sincerely,
Cinema Politica Malmö


// ABF Malmö was kind enough to donate some books to Cinema Politica for us to sell. They vary in price but are all very cheap.
The money will help sustain Cinema Politica Malmö, e.g. collaborations and guest speakers. All profit (if any) will be send to our main office and are used to keep the film database updated, expanding and supporting even more political, independent films and artists.
// Before we screen REVOLUTIONARY MEDICINE tomorrow (which is also Futur's last screening this term and very sad) we are fortuneately having an intro-meeting with the new CPs which is awesome. They new CPS are awesome too, btw! We look forward to having them on board and them administering CP Malmö at some point. New brains, new ideas! Important!
// Cinema Politica Malmö is planning a one-day filmfestival with IN.S.A.N.E animation filmfestival. They have access to amateur animation film made by children from all over the world. November 21 they organisations join hands and presents:
"A Marathon of Rights" where we are screening films all day, amongst those CP's very own VESSEL (2014) by Diana Whitten.



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