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montreal 19/11/2014 - 12:00PM

Palestinian Films Showcased in Montreal

Regards palestiniens / Palestinian Perspectives is co-presented by Cinémathèque québécoise, Cinema Politica, Institut français, Consulat de France, CJPP Coalition pour la justice et la paix en Palestine and PAJU Palestiniens et Juifs Unis.

This film program includes documentary, fiction and mixed works. A reflection on the destruction of Gaza by the Israeli army during Operation Cast Lead (repeated last summer under the name of Operation Protective Edge); the compartmentalization of Palestinians in the West Bank and their passage to Israel in spite of walls and controls; the Kafkaesque existence of Palestinians living in Israel; the oppression of fishermen and farmers in Gaza; and lives of those in exile haunted by regret. Different living conditions, but unity in resistance: “We shall not leave - they tell us - and the exiled will return.” These films share a vision, that of living and surviving in the rubble, behind walls, between checkpoints, without ever giving in. - M.E. Davis, R. Jean

Regards palestiniens


Friday Nov. 28, 8:30pm -- PLOMB DURCI (Piombo fuso) - Stefano Savona – Italy 2009 - documentary - 80m – Fr. subt.

Saturday Nov. 29, 8:30pm (International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People) -- INFILTRÉS - Khaled Jarrar - Palestine 2012 - documentary - 70m – Fr. subt.
preceded by THOUGH I KNOW THE RIVER IS DRY - Omar Robert Hamilton - Palestine 2013 - fiction - 19m - Eng. subt.

Sunday Nov. 30, 7pm -- PORT OF MEMORY - Kamal Al Jafari - Palestine 2009 - hybrid documentary - 62m - 35mm Eng. subt. preceded by SAYADEEN [Fishermen] - Murat Gokmen - Palestine/UK 2013 - documentary - 13m40 - Eng. subt. and DEBRIS - Abdelsalam Shehadeh - Palestine - documentary - 17m – Eng. subt.


Regards palestiniens 2


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