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network 11/11/2019 - 10:00AM

2018 Audience Choice Award Winner!


We are excited to announce the 2018 Audience Choice Award winner: I AM ROHINGYA! The imaginative and resourceful film screened to a full house at our Cinema Politica Concordia local and received a standing ovation. It was also characterized as "another of this century’s lessons in how profound trauma can be worked through and converted into art, applause, affirmation, acknowledgment" by The Guardian.

I AM ROHINGYA: A GENOCIDE IN FOUR ACTS chronicles the journey of fourteen refugee youth who take the stage (in front of a live audience) to re-enact their families’ harrowing experiences in Burma and beyond. We follow them before, during, and immediately after the escalation of military violence in their native homeland, Rakhine state. The gritty reality of their escape by foot and boat to makeshift camps in Bangladesh is captured with striking acuity. The politically arresting film is a thoughtful reflection on resilience and community in the face of crisis. 

Congratulations to the director, Yusuf Zine, and the entire team for their impactful, inventive, and brilliant film!


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