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network 12/05/2015 - 04:00PM

30th Anniversary of LET THE FIRE BURN’s 1985 MOVE bombing

Jason Osder’s LET THE FIRE BURN (2013) reconstructs the events surrounding the 1985 MOVE disaster, wherein the Philadelphia police incinerated a primarily African-American neighbourhood known to host racial rights activists, killing eleven people.

On the evening of the anniversary of the 30th Anniversary of the MOVE disaster at the core of Osder’s film, Cinema Politica would like to encourage all of our locals and audience members to reflect on the ongoing struggles in racial politics in western culture. From the United States’ rampant and increasingly visible police brutality against its African-American citizens, to the Canadian government’s institutionalized prejudice against First Nations communities and its abuses of judicial power in the case of Omar Khadr, to the pervasive cruelties of global immigration policies, LET THE FIRE BURN is a stark reminder of how far racial relations still have to go if western society is to uphold any pretense of equality or justice.

Cinema Politica also encourages anyone in the Oakland, California, area to attend the commemorative screening tomorrow night, and lastly we hope our locals might consider screening LET THE FIRE BURN in any upcoming programs.


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