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network 31/08/2016 - 11:00PM

Cinema Politica Distributes Defiant Docs Across Canada

We're very excited to announce that CP is now distributing select political documentaries across the country.

Cinema Politica has been bringing independent, unflinching, political POV docs to screens across Canada and the world approaching 15 years strong. Along the way we've managed dozens of collaborations with festivals, civil society and community groups, have published three catalogues and one full-fledged book (bound and everything!), launched a VOD service, and have given awards and hugs to a small nation's worth of committed filmmakers.

But we couldn't help but feel something was missing.

Over the years we've had scores of plucky political filmmakers ask us if could not only exhibit their firebrand content, but also distribute it too. We gave these propositions considerable thought and are very excited to announce that CP Distribution is now a real thing!

Beginning in 2016 with three provocative titles, Cinema Politica has set out on the precarious path of impact distribution – a dedicated alternative distribution approach to disseminating a handful of cutting edge political docs to audiences far and wide with the aim of integrating cinema into existing political processes and campaigns on the ground and amplifying their work through the arts – and we're inviting you to check out our new releases. CP Distribution is especially thrilled and honoured to be the official Canadian distributor for the new, critically-acclaimed documentary from Min Sook Lee, MIGRANT DREAMS, which follows migrant workers in Ontario who are fighting for rights under the oppressive Temporary Foreign Workers Program (TFWP).

Check out the distribution page for MIGRANT DREAMS here, and to read up on the other two titles, follow this link to our main CP Distribution page.


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