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network 12/02/2015 - 12:00PM

Cinema Politica Goes to Berlinale

We (CP Directors Svetla Turnin and Ezra Winton) are thrilled to be at Berlinale for the first time, meeting with European distributors like Java Films and seeking out exciting new political documentaries to program in our network. While the 65th edition of the Berlinale is a massive, sprawling beast spread out over the city and difficult to ground oneself at, another film-related rendezvous provided us with the local, small and fierce flare we were missing.

Two days ago we met with the CP Berlin folks (pictured left to right: Svetla, Javier, Sebastian, Ezra and Morana) to finally encounter one another IRL and to discuss all things CP. The Berlin CP local is one of our strongest and most dedicated chapters (you can read about them in our recent local spotlight on them here), and despite the group’s affiliation with a two-year program at Hertie School of Governance, they’ve managed to successfully keep the local going by passing on the torch to a new person in each “overlap” year of the program. They screen our films every two weeks in a sweet Berlin café called Twinpigs, and they have a palpable passion for politics and film – an essential combo for CP work!

At our meeting we discussed their screening activities, plans for the network that involve new networking technologies, and crucially, the incubation of a Cinema Politica Europe hub right here in Berlin. With more and more locals springing up on the European continent, we are excited at the prospect of having a real home base here, and increasing not only our presence, but our ability to provide hard-hitting political documentaries to mostly campus-based groups from Scotland to Sweden to Spain.

So keep an eye out for that development and let your European friends know that we’re always welcoming in new locals.


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