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network 09/08/2016 - 10:00AM

THE CORPORATION now available in French on CP VOD

Cinema Politica’s VOD channel now offers one of CP’s inaugural films, Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott’s THE CORPORATION, in both French and English.

Achbar and Abbott’s investigation of corporations as openly sociopathic citizens is as timely and insightful now as it was when first released in 2003. As the first VOD service ever to have offered this film, Cinema Politica is very excited to continue to share it with all of our Francophone and Anglophone audiences.

All of the proceeds from CP VOD are shared evenly between Cinema Politica and the purchased film’s rights holder (or the charity or not-for-profit of the rights holder’s choosing). 

Stay tuned for more updates about CP VOD’s ever-expanding roster!


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