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network 13/04/2011 - 11:00AM

CP Rips it up for 7 Year Anniversary Party + Site Launch

It's been two weeks since we launched our new website, which, if you're reading this, you've likely checked out. We needed these last days to catch our breath after weeks of preparing for the launch party, which was also our 7 year anniversary party here in Montreal. On April 1 we had over 250 people pack the cozy little gallery space of Control Lab (on St. Laurent) for an evening of live music, DJs, dancing, chatting, and even door prizes. It was a fantastic party and achieved our goal of bringing together artists, activists and audiences to hang out, let loose and celebrate seven exciting years of Cinema Politica.

There are a few people we should thank with regards to the party and the website, so here goes. Thanks to Shane Bill and Kevin Yuen Kit Lo for this incredibly sexy, flashy and all-round improved website. Shane built the back-end architecture and themed Kevin's brilliant and slick design. Yoana Turnin, Rachel Prudhomme and Hannah Jung helped with the arduous task of transfering over our hundreds of films, locals and thousands of screenings from the old site to the new.

For the foot-stomping party, big thanks to Davi Almeida de Souza and Christina Gelsomini for taking the reins early in the day to get the venue ready, and sticking it out until the wee hours with us (the crazy hazy wee hours). Also thanks for party help from Roddy Doucet (bartender extraordinnaire), and everyone else who helped with the door or the bar throughout the night.

Lastly, a huge thanks to the talented music-folk who contributed their time for free that night: Elgin-Sky and Valerie Khayat for their saccharine voices and guitar-playing, DJ Son Raw, DJ Stephen, and DJ Gonzo (who was also on hand for MC and tech-support).

And of course thanks to Ctrllab for giving us a deal on the space. We managed to raise some cash to help cover costs of the new website while having an absolutely fabulous time. Thanks to all who came out and supported us, and danced!


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