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network 05/11/2014 - 10:00AM

Divine Interventions, the Sequel

Cinema Politica Launches Divine Interventions at Over Thirty Locations in Canada and Abroad

New Edition of Program Devoted to Spirituality, Social Justice and Documentary Set to Spark Dialogue and Debate

MONTREAL, November 5, 2014 – With eight new documentary titles exploring spirituality and social justice, thirty-five local screening sites confirmed, and organizers from Canada and Europe at the ready, Montreal-based Cinema Politica is set to roll out the second instalment of their special program entitled “Divine Interventions: Documentary, Spirituality and Social Justice.”

Divine Interventions brings together audiences, artists and activists at documentary screenings across Canada and abroad in order to encounter, explore and discuss issues related to spirituality, religion and pluralism. As a program that, according to Occupy Love director Velcrow Ripper, “showcases the power of connecting spirit with action,” Divine Interventions seeks to foster dialogue and encourage debate at screenings and across online media platforms that are devoted to the project at

Funded with a grant from the Inspirit Foundation and organized in collaboration with the Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC), and with support from Canada Council for the Arts and Quebec Arts Council, the first 2013 Divine Interventions iteration showed that audiences, and especially youth and student audiences, are eager to engage in productive dialogue on issues around spirituality and social justice.

Cinema Politica’s Executive Director Svetla Turnin is excited to be once again offering a provocative, dynamic and thoughtful roster of Divine Interventions documentaries, this time between October 2014 and March 2015.

“We had no idea there were so many incredible films exploring these issues, and we were amazed by the overwhelming interest in student audiences on university campuses.”

Ezra Winton, Director of Programming for Cinema Politica, is particularly enthusiastic about Huicholes: The Last Peyote Guardians, one of this Divine Interventions edition’s “showcase films.”

“This new Mexican documentary is a gorgeous and moving story of indigenous traditions, spirituality and political resistance. And the story should in particular strike a chord with Canadian audiences, since the film’s subjects, the Wixarika People, are struggling against both the Mexican government and Canadian mining companies.”

Winton adds that there are a total of thirty films that make up the Divine Interventions catalogue, with eight titles in particular that are “new, ambitious, daring and subversive.” Audiences who attend Divine Interventions screenings will encounter stories of aboriginal perseverance and healing as survivors of Canada’s harmful Residential School System (Gently Whispering the Circle Back & Uprooted Generation), tales of faith-based resistance against agri-business in India (Have you Seen the Arana), Voodoo religion and Haiti’s socio-political environment (Ayiti Toma: The Land of the Living), America’s troubling race history with alternative spiritual group MOVE (Let the Fire Burn) and more.

To schedule an interview with Divine Interventions film directors or organizers, please contact Tina Gelsomini at

For more information on Divine Interventions, visit:

About Cinema Politica

Cinema Politica is a Montreal-based media arts, non-profit network of community and campus locals that screen independent political film and video by Canadian and international artists throughout Canada and abroad. We believe in the power of art to not only entertain but to engage, inform, inspire, and provoke social change. Cinema Politica is the largest volunteer-run, community and campus-based documentary-screening network in the world. All screenings are by donation. Discover a world of political cinema at:

About the Inspirit Foundation

We are a national, grant-making organization that supports young people aged 18 to 30 in building a more inclusive and pluralist Canada. One way we do this is by funding projects that foster engagement and exchange among young people of different spiritual, religious and secular backgrounds. Subscribe to our mailing list at or connect with us on Twitter @InspiritFdn and to receive updates on our Pluralism Grants.

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