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network 05/10/2015 - 10:00AM

Launch of THE DEEPER THEY BURY ME, an interactive documentary based on Cinema Politica’s HERMAN’S HOUSE

Angad Bhalla’s HERMAN’S HOUSE has been a powerful fixture of the Cinema Politica Network for nearly 3 years. Any local that has screened this film – or is considering screening it in the future – will be interested to know that Bhalla has teamed up with fellow director Ted Biggs and the National Film Board of Canada to create an interactive documentary based on the life of one of HERMAN’S HOUSE’s protagonists.

THE DEEPER THEY BURY ME invites the viewer to explore Herman Wallace’s more than 40 years of solitary confinement incarceration in the span of about 20 minutes, the duration of a visitor phone call at Wallace’s former prison. The interactive film contains recordings of Wallace’s voice and an opportunity to explore an animated rendering of the home he aspired to build upon his release, beyond the scope of what is presented in HERMAN’S HOUSE.

Cinema Politica would like to congratulate Bhalla and Biggs for not only the release of their powerful new documentary, but also for their meaningful, sustained, and inspirational commitment to prison justice activism.

Watch an artist’s talk with Bhalla here.


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