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network 14/11/2014 - 10:00AM

Local Spotlight: Cinéma Politica Université Laval

With so many dedicated and tireless groups, organizations and volunteers running all the Cinema Politica locals that make up our network, we thought it would be apropro to help paint a picture of the sprawling abstract thing known as "Cinema Politica" by zooming in to individual locals. Periodically we will hear from many of our locals about their activities, histories, challenges, triumphs, and more. For our second spotlight, we asked CP de l'Université Laval to send us their thoughts. Their response, which was written collectively by the local, is below.

Cinéma Politica Université Laval was created out of a desire to stimulate thought and inspire civic engagement through documentary screenings. This inspiration took shape in September 2012 when Marie-Laurence Rancourt initiated the project by forming an organizational team with Jérémie Lebel, Hélène Moisan, Walid Amdouni and Marie-Luce Audet, who were later joined by Stéphane Roy, Renelle Bougie and Marc Audet.

Within a few weeks, a Cinema Politica local at Université Laval went from a faint idea to a reality. The first activities took place in November of the same year and the inaugural season was launched in January 2013. Since then, 24 evenings of screenings and discussions have occurred in many different locations on campus, including the Tam Tam Café and the Bar-Coop L’Agitée. All in all, a few hundred people have participated in our events.

About fifteen people have been part of the organizing committee throughout the local’s existence. Manon Mazenod, Noémie Brassard and Maziar Jafary joined the team early on and many have since left the committee and currently a new team is forming with the addition of our newest members: Ariane, Pénélope and Jessica.

We have started many projects in addition to our regular screening activities. We hosted an evening of short films made by emerging artists, an event that we would like to repeat soon. A pilot for a podcast series around our events was also launched. Our latest project was an evening of creative reflections around the different mediums used to make documentaries. Two years ago we collaborated with different organizations including the Festival de Cinéma de la Ville de Québec, who we worked with during their last two editions (2013 and 2014). We partnered with La Bande Vidéo to present Playa Coloniale, a film directed by Martin Bureau and Luc Renaud. We also collaborated with Mö Films for our first ever screening, which featured Rencontre directed by Mélanie Carrier and Olivier Higgins. As for right now, we are preparing more for this winter, such as evenings of “collective listening.”

Many people have collaborated with us on an individual basis. Those have included, among many others, François L’Italien, Luc Bouthillier, Moïse Marcoux-Chabot, Julia Grignon and Sarah Quirion. We owe a great deal to these people as they accepted to lead the discussion period following our screenings. Each of them has contributed in making each event unique and a success. We have also received support from the Bureau de la Vie Étudiante of Université Laval, from CADEUL, the Confédération des associations d’étudiants et d’étudiantes de l’Université Laval, and from the Coop Zone.

Our membership in the Cinema Politica Network has allowed our organization to evolve in an established framework while leaving us a great deal of flexibility, and thanks to this we have defined our own model and developed our own approach. We hope to keep growing within the CP Network and to succeed in building a solid base in Quebec City, one which will allow Cinéma Politica Université Laval to survive through anything and  everything.
In the space of two years, Cinéma Politica Université Laval has established itself as one of the main screening poles of political documentaries in Quebec City.

And the team wishes to say that this is only the beginning: we will keep on screening the truth!


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