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network 08/03/2013 - 04:00AM

This March Back Our Taps!

Tina prepares Back the Tap materials for mail-out

+ 25% of bottled water sold in Canada is tap water, packaged (in petroleum-produced plastic) and sold for up to and over 2000 times the price
+ Over 1/10th of a barrel of oil is needed to produce under one litre of bottled water
+ Nestlé, the world's leading huckster of bottled water, pays $3.71 for every ONE MILLION litres of water they bottle in the province of Ontario


If those stats sound depressing and hopeless, fear not and read these stats!

+ Over 100 municipalities in Canada have taken action against the use of bottled water
+ 35 universities, colleges and school boards have taken action against bottled water
+ Campuses from Newfoundland to British Columbia have restricted the sale and distribution of bottled water 

Inspired? We hope so! Not inspired yet? Check out one of almost 20 screenings happening in the next few weeks across Canada and take action. Bottled water is unsustainable, unhealthy, and completely crazy. Join our organizers and activists in the Coaltiion and at Cinema Politica screenings and find out what you can do to ban bottled water on your campus or in your community.

Canada has some of the purist tap water in the world, yet over 115 First Nations communities and 900 million people worldwide lack access to safe and clean drinking water. We need to make sure access is universal and that control rests with the people and not the corporations making billions off of this public good.

Cinema Politica screenings will take place between March 16 - 22, 2013. Important dates to recognize are: Bottled Water Free Day on March 18th & World Water Day on March 22nd. Check out more info at our Special Screenings page (and watch the short THE STORY OF BOTTLED WATER).

Pictured: Cinema Politica Administrative Assistant Tina Gelsomini prepares all the Back the Tap literature to be mailed to our 20+ locals


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