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network 17/02/2015 - 12:00PM

New Acquisition: BORN IN GAZA

Cinema Politica’s newest network acquisition, Hernán Zin’s BORN IN GAZA, presents a simultaneously beautiful and terrifying vision of how the lives of Palestinian children were viciously disrupted by the Israeli military’s 2014 “Protective Edge” campaign.

Zin follows the lives of ten Gazan children who struggle against enormous political, economic, medical, educational, and familial obstacles to make their lives endurable. The recurring motif of displaced families attempting to return to and rebuild their homes is inextricably interwoven with the children’s new living conditions. Some are forced to work miserable jobs to support their families, and some are too physically or psychologically traumatized to help as much as they would like. 

BORN IN GAZA sidesteps the knee-jerk partisan politics of mainstream media representations of Palestine/Israel by focusing on the touching immediacy of the children’s dire conditions. Whether mourning lost friends and family, lamenting the area’s undersupplied medical system, or criticizing Hamas and Israel for failing to provide their promised assistance, Zin captures the stubborn persistence of the children’s dreams of a better life through compassionate interviews and poetic cinematography. 

Already tremendously successful in Spain where it was produced and at international festivals, BORN IN GAZA’s powerful narration and its tragic-yet-inspiring subjects make the film a welcome addition to the Cinema Politica Network. This artful documentary is also a perfect candidate for any events being organized for Israeli Apartheid Week everywhere.


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