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network 11/11/2014 - 04:00PM

New Acquisition: DISRUPTION

Cinema Politica is thrilled to announce that we have acquired the rights to screen Kelly Nyks and Jared P. Scott’s DISRUPTION throughout our network.

DISRUPTION is a hard-hitting insistence on the urgency of climate change activism as it follows the preparations for the Climate Change March at the 2014 United Nations Climate Change Summit in New York City. Nyks and Scott contextualize the massive demonstration with unsettling discoveries in modern climate science, a history of American social movements that brought about change for marginalized groups, and an all-star line-up of interviewees, including Naomi Klein, Ricken Patel, Leslie Cagan, and Van Jones.

Although the depicted activists are primarily American, the scope of the film’s critique of flimsy climate change policy and the need for immediate and significant action is global. Nyks and Scott frequently represent climate change as a form economic debt deferral passed from wealthy industrialized countries to poorer nations who are currently the hardest hit by ecological disasters like typhoons, tropical storms, and droughts. Moreover, DISRUPTION argues that fossil fuel corporations have too much governmental influence and that power, both electric and social, must be democratized out of the small number of hands that control them. 

DISRUPTION’s scathing condemnation of the individual’s finite pool of worry is counterbalanced by its inspirational insistence on the power of collective action. As one of the interviewees points out, clicking “Like” on Facebook is never as powerful as people in the streets.

We fully anticipate that locals choosing to include DISRUPTION will leave their screenings feeling just as enthusiastic and motivated to produce meaningful change as our Programming Committee did when it was under review. One of our Programmers’ reviews simply responded, “We’re getting this one, right? Right?!”.


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