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network 27/01/2016 - 03:00PM

New Acquisition: A SYRIAN LOVE STORY

Never one to shy away from a bold new project, Cinema Politica is proud to announce that we acquired the distribution rights for Sean McAllister’s A SYRIAN LOVE STORY, and with this film we are launching CP Distribution with a three-city tour of eastern Canada.

A SYRIAN LOVE STORY affirms but complicates the necessity of love in times of great political instability: love is essential when the home disappears, but what kinds of love are then possible, and which ones come first?

McAllister’s film is the heartfelt and compelling tale of a Syrian/Palestinian family and a British documentary filmmaker in Damascus who are all unexpectedly caught up in the anti-Assad protests of 2010. Over the next 5 years, the film follows this extraordinary extended family in and out of prisons, protests, secret safe-houses inside and outside of Syria, political exile in France, and more.

The revolution takes its toll on all of them in different yet connected ways: the filmmaker reevaluates his personal safety and professional ethics as he becomes embroiled within his adopted family’s internal dramas and their increasingly dangerous external living conditions; the children must abandon friends, loved ones, and question their heritage and culture as the family flees; the parents struggle to balance their anti-regime fervour with their commitments to each other and their children. With this in mind, Kate O’Sullivan of the Telegraph remarks in her glowing review, “Can women not be revolutionaries and mothers?”

Cinema Politica is proud to acknowledge the bravery and integrity required to produce films like A SYRIAN LOVE STORY by not only becoming the film’s Canadian distributor, but also organizing its first three screenings as a tour. Director/protagonist McAllister and protagonist Amer Daoud, the father of the family, will be in attendance at all of these three premiere city screenings:

February 1: Montreal (CP Concordia)
February 2: Toronto (Bloor Cinema)
February 4: Ottawa (Mayfair Cinema)

A SYRIAN LOVE STORY has been lauded with critical praise and industrial recognition since its release late last year. It was hailed as “”unmissible” by The Guardian and “a heartbreaking portrait of a marriage unraveling” in The Independent.

McAllister’s film also won the prestigious Grand Jury Award at the 2015 Sheffield Documentary Festival, and has been nominated for Best Documentary 2015 by the European Film Awards and the British Independent Film Awards.  

Interested in booking a screening in your community or at your institution? Visit the following link and fill out our contact form.


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