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network 16/10/2014 - 08:00AM

New Acquisitions: Eight New films for Divine Interventions II

Cinema Politica is thrilled to announce these recent additions to our popular Divine Interventions sidebar, all of which are now available throughout the Cinema Politica Network.

Many of these new acquisitions present unique and compelling intersections of indigenous spiritual practices with environmental and economic activism. In HUICHOLES: THE LAST PEYOTE GUARDIANS, a Mexican indigenous tribe’s attempts to preserve their spiritual traditions coincides directly with their attempts to protect their ancestral territory from the destruction caused by Canadian and Mexican mining activities in the area. Similar conservationist sentiments appear in the highly photogenic HAVE YOU SEEN THE ARANA?, wherein a traditional healer’s concerns over the disappearance of medicinal plants from the Indian rainforest links spiritual practice with environmental advocacy.

Indigenous spiritual traditions face social and cultural challenges, as well as environmental ones. In GENTLY WHISPERING THE CIRCLE BACK and UPROOTED GENERATION, First Nations communities across Canada revive lost communal and spiritual practices as a means of healing the cultural and personal scars left by the residential school system. As an interesting counterpoint to the harsh living conditions faced by Canadian First Nations peoples, AYITI TOMA, THE LAND OF THE LIVING shows how traditional Haitian voodoo practices still flourish amidst the island’s political and economic instability.

Spiritual institutions and practices are just as likely to be the adversarial target or communal point of defense for various activist organizations. LET THE FIRE BURN provides a stirring historical look at the police-led persecution of Move, an alternative African American spiritual group based in 1980s Philadelphia. On the other hand, the women’s rights activists of I AM FEMENfrequently clash with religiously validated cultural institutions across Ukraine. Finally, CALL ME KUCHU provides a poignant look at LGBTQ activists who courageously fight state-sanctioned persecution in Uganda, a country where American Evangelicals have political and cultural influence.  

This year’s Divine Interventions films will no doubt foster the fascinating post-screening debates for which Cinema Politica is renowned. Join us as we screen truth to power about the place of spirituality in modern activism. 


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