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network 29/06/2015 - 01:00PM

New Adopt-a-Doc takes a critical look at Pride and Queer Politics

On the heels of the US Supreme Court decision to grant legal rights for same sex marriage in that country, we are thrilled and indeed proud to announce our support for an in-production documentary that questions the mainstreaming of pride and the assimilation of queer politics into hetero-mainstream culture. Kami Chisholm’s bold documentary PRIDE DENIED: HOMONATIONALISM AND THE FUTURE OF QUEER POLITICS moves beyond same sex marriage, parades and gays in the military to examine ongoing sites of oppression in the US and Canada for queer and trans people that have been largely overlooked by mainstream media in the clamouring to celebrate the legal right to marry.

Issues of oppression the film takes on include: "These urgent issues include: state violence (disproportionally faced by queer and trans people of color); the criminalization of public sex (especially targeting sex workers), alongside the marginalization of other queer forms of intimacy that aren't hetero and homonormative couplings; and the ongoing lack of access for many to basic rights such as economic security, health care, affordable housing, and immigration."

For more on this film visit PRIDE DENIED'S Adopt-a-doc page, and to donate to the current fundraising campaign to help raise production funds (which ends on July 19, 2015) visit PRIDE DENIED’s Kickstarter page here.

About CP’s Adopt-a-Doc: In 2010 Cinema Politica initiated a program to support independent Canadian documentaries during the production stage, when struggling independent political filmmakers face many challenges with funding and support. With the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, we started Adopt-a-doc to offer our support to independent films struggling to get made in the very tough climate of documentary production in Canada. To date we have supported five films - read about all of them here.


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