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network 03/03/2011 - 01:00AM

New CP Award given to activist-filmmaker john greyson

Last Monday, following a Concordia screening of a selection of Greyson's work called "Sex, Song and Segregation" Cinema Politica awarded the Toronto-based filmmaker a new award, named after one of Canada's most committed documentarians.

We chose to inaugurate this new award by giving it to one of our favourite Canadian activists and filmmakers - John Greyson. We created the Alanis Obomsawin Award for Commitment to Community and Resistance to not only honour the decades of important and committed workAlanis Obomsawin has done and continues to do, but to recognize filmmakers who follow in her footsteps. John Greyson has represented and worked with divergent communities struggling for justice and equality around issues like apartheid in South Africa, queer rights, AIDS awareness and rights for victims, and ending the occupation of Palestine.

Over the years his focus has shifted and expanded between such diverse battles, but he has never, ever wavered in his steadfast commitment to community and resistance - both on the ground and on the screen. For these reasons we are proud to honour John Greyson with the first ever Alanis Obomsawin Award for Commitment to Community and Resistance.

Upon receiving the award, John Greyson has commented: "Being recognized by this Alanis award, named for one of my great heros of radical cinema, and presented by Cinema Politca, the most exciting initiative in film exhibition since Vertov's Kino-Trains (bien sur, hyperbole is mon prénom!) -- c'est un honneur far more meaningful than a dozen Jutras et Genies!"



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