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network 15/01/2014 - 05:38PM

Non-fiction Cinema, Non-fiction Theatre: A New Collaboration

There are few theatre groups or institutions in Canada that focus on political narratives, on non-fiction storytelling and on artists of colour. Teesri Duniya Theatre is one such remarkable outfit, and Cinema Politica is thrilled and honoured to collaborate with this dynamic non-profit.

Teesri Duniya Theatre is dedicated to producing, developing and presenting socially and politically relevant theatre, based on the cultural experiences of diverse communities. Multicultural diversity, intercultural relations, relevance and compelling stories are defining features of our work. We are committed to multiethnic (as opposed to color-blind) casting.

Montreal-based Teesri Duniya Theatre (meaning “third world” in Hindustani) began in 1981 as a South Asian theatre company. The arts group develops plays, puts on several productions a year, hosts other activities and publishes, "Canada’s first theatre quarterly exclusively dedicated to cultural diversity and the stage."

Cinema Politica shares the same values and objectives as Teesri Duniya Theatre, and through our collaborative relationship we seek to not only cross-pollinate our respective activities, but to develope a longlasting relationship built on the foundations of diversity, inclusivity, pluarlity, and progressive political change.

Since Teesri Duniya Theatre and Cinema Politica inevitably feature art productions that examine or showcase similar or identical topics, we will be highlighting eachother's presentations, and will try to even time our programming when we can.

To get things going, we're very pleased to be supporting the group's production of Bhopal, a play written by Rahul Varma and directed by Liz Valdez. Bhopal features Amena Ahmad, Stéphanie Breton, Nicole Leroux, Amrit Sanger, Amanda Silveira, Ivan Smith and Guy Sprung and runs from January 16th to February 2nd. Bhopal's synopsis:

Sonya Labonté, a Canadian doctor working in Bhopal, India has incriminating evidence that a pesticide company is polluting the environment and causing deformities in babies. The Indian government orders her to stop her research or face deportation. Will Labonté give in or continue her search for justice?

Last year Cinema Politica featured the documentary BHOPALI, a documentary used by activists in campaigns to bring justice to the multi-generational victims of the 1982 Bhopal disaster caused by Uninion Carbide (now Dow Chemical).

If you are in Montreal we urge you to go see this powerful play that combines real historical events with a focus on social justice and an urgency for action. To find out more call the Box Office at 514-739-7944, or buy tickets on line.


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