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network 29/11/2013 - 03:00PM

Peter Wintonick's Last Published Work

Peter Wintonick, an unstoppable force in the documentary film community across the world, died on November 18th of this year, in Montreal, surrounded by family and friends from all over the world.

Peter will be dearly missed, and while we are saddened by this immeasurable loss, we are happy to share with you our global doc ambassador's last published work, which has just been kindly made available by the publisher Palgrave/BFI. The free PDF download from BFI's The Documentary Film Book is a chapter energized with Peter's concluding thoughts on what he was insisting ought to now be called 'documedia.' It's Peter at full-throttle: excited, contentious, provocative. It reminds us that he is a voice that will be truly missed, but whose hard work and provocations will live on, as essays printed on pages in the chapter above, through the relationships he forged, and as his and Peter-supported films projected on to countless screens throughout the world.

To be sure, Peter left a veritable pile of projects, one of which is the film he decided to make when he was diagnosed as having a terminal illness -- an entirely characteristic response, of course. This is being taken up by his daughter Mira, and by his colleagues at EyesteelFilm.

In lieu of Peter's "vow of poverty" there is also a crowd-funding effort to cover his medical expenses here.

Download Peter's sample chapter here.

Anyway, Peter: requiescat in pace. You, and your work, will not be forgotten.


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