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network 26/06/2019 - 12:00PM

Statement to denounce Bill 21 and Bill 9 in Quebec

The team at Cinema Politica vehemently denounces the Quebec government’s recent adoption of Bill 21 and Bill 9.  We view these as racist laws, disguised as the preservation of a so-called cultural secularism, and under the pretext of strengthening the Quebec labor market. We recognize the practical intention of these laws as being specifically to further entrench segregation and isolate religious minorities through discrimination and restriction of resources, and restriction of access and removal of legal protections for those most affected by these laws. This is the worst kind of politics that does not seek to strengthen or ennoble Quebec society but rather vilify and attack a fabricated enemy. By providing a legislative justification for the marginalization of religious minorities and immigrants, the CAQ is also creating a dangerous climate – one that emboldens Islamophobes in the province and across North America. 

Bill 21 is a costly legislation that undermines the values enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In particular this law will create barriers to employment for religiously observant people of Muslim, Sikh and Jewish faiths. The clause refusing services to people who cover their face in particular targets Muslim women.  The creation of a department for the enforcement of this “secularism” law also serves to increase the conditions for unchecked surveillance and policing of vulnerable communities while unjustly funnelling resources away from areas where they are most needed (such as education, affordable housing and community programming). We cannot stand by in silence while our members and our neighbours face this deplorable treatment. 

Cinema Politica is committed to fight for the repeal of this law, and we will do so by standing in solidarity at marches and protests against this bill, by collaborating with and amplifying the voices of community groups resisting the legislation and its enforcement at our screening events and across our media platforms, as well as supporting the legal challenges that are already underway through fundraising efforts.

We remain vigilant and will continue our support efforts until we have reached our common goal of a just and equitable society for all.

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