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network 16/06/2016 - 12:00AM

Two Canadian docs released today on CPVOD

We are very thrilled to announce our Video on Demand (VOD) release of two outstanding Canadian documentaries made by members of our own programming team - THE ART OF RESISTANCE by Alexandra Guité and MYTHS FOR PROFIT by Amy Miller. The first film looks at political art and cultural resistance in post-2001 Argentina, providing a pulsating portrait of artistic responses to political and economic crises in that country. The second film is an exposé that challenges the master narrative of a benevolent Canada on the world stage, revealing the country’s troubling involvement in “industries of war and peace.”

Cinema Politica’s VOD service is constantly growing, with new titles added regularly. To stay up to date on new releases and learn about new developments (including our soon-to-launch SVOD service) visit and sign up for the VOD newsletter here.


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