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network 13/05/2010 - 07:00PM

Two films we like - Grass & The Weather Underground

Cinema Politica has just finished a deal with the good folks at filmswelike to secure screening rights for two of their best documentary titles. We're excited to report that we now have rights for the very excellent political docs Grass and The Weather Underground to screen throughout the CP Network.

About Grass: Consider this a documentary for those who inhaled. Ron Mann's playful portrait of marijuana in America is less a social history than an examination of the government's systematic seven-decade campaign to demonize the devil's weed: the conspiracy against cannabis! Through government documents, period newsreels, and clips from hysterical educational scare films and campy overheated features (like High on the Range and the cult classic Reefer Madness), Mann reveals a systematic policy of misinformation to (he argues) justify the billions spent on the losing war on drugs. Well researched if one-sided and occasionally questionable in its own assertions (aren't there any side effects to this wonder weed?), this witty history lesson is charged with raucous energy and a satirical slant. Mann and his easygoing narrator Woody Harrelson may be preaching to the converted,but it's a hilarious sermon. Pass the munchies! --Sean Axmaker

Grass (1990, 80min) is directed by legendary Toronto-based filmmaker Ron Mann and narrated by marajuana advocate Woody Harrelson.

About The Weather Underground  In the 1960s and 1970s, the polarization of the political situation of the USA was becoming acute with the Vietnam War abroad and civil rights at home being but the most obvious issues. For the youth political movement, the seemingly ineffectual methods of peaceful protest and resistance led to the rise of an idealistic faction that want a more extreme approach that the Establishment could not ignore. This faction, called the Weather Underground, attempted to team up with the Black Panthers to violently confront the US government that started with street riots and escalating to bombing government targets. Thorough archival footage and interviews of the veterans of both sides of this conflict, this film covers the resistance movement's campaign of selective violence through this period until changing times and disillusionment brought it to an end while the FBI used unethical and illegal methods to hasten it.Written by Kenneth Chisholm


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