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network 29/06/2020 - 01:00PM

Vote for the 2019 Audience Choice Award !

This year, the global pandemic has gotten us a little behind schedule with our annual Audience Choice Award as we try to re-envision CP in the age of social distancing and virtual events, but better late than never! 2019 was a strong year for the CP Network, and we were thrilled to screen so many thought-provoking and powerful films in our local chapters around the world! But yet again, we had to narrow it down to the most popular and most screened films throughout the year, for you to pick an Audience Choice Award winner! 

The 2019 selection represents a diverse, empowering, status-quo smashing selection of Cinema Politica content, from docs following community struggles in the face of land rights violations and colonial occupation, to stunning portraits of resilient and inspiring artists and activists. We’re also proud to feature two shorts from the Documentary Futurism program, RECLAMATION and CAMFRANGLAIS, and the two probing docs WHOSE STREETS? and WHAT IS DEMOCRACY? are back on the shortlist this year by popular choice! We hope that at least one of these exceptional films will inspire you enough to cast your vote! The Audience Choice Award winner will also receive a $500 prize.

Select one film from the shortlist* of the most widely screened films within the Cinema Politica Network at

Prizes!! After voting closes we will randomly select five winners from the list of voters and will notify you of your prize by email. The prizes are two free annual memberships to Cinema Politica’s Video On Demand service, and three Cinema Politica t-shirts! 

*The shortlist is based on the ten most widely screened films that were presented in the CP Network between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019. Voting closes on July 15th 2020 at midnight.


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