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Oslo 02/11/2013 - 05:50PM

Semester 2013

Last time, in cooperation with Spire, we showed Land Rush to help them with their campaign against land grabbing. We had a speaker from Framtiden i Våre Hender (The Future in Our Hands), an organization that works with global environmental and human rights issues. The speaker, Sigurd Jorde, has worked with the Norwegian Pension Fund and how it's money is invested. The Pension Fund has invested in several companies that have been accused of land grabbing.

We will continue our focus on Norwegian investments in the next screening. We will be showing Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth, about the struggle of the Mayan Indians' struggle with multinational corporations. The Norwegian Pension Fund has invested in the Canadian mining company Goldcorp, one of the companies in conflict with Gautemalan Indians.

We look forward to the screening and hope to see you there!


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