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network 11/06/2020 - 12:00PM

Whose Streets? Available for Free Streaming

Watch WHOSE STREETS? for FREE today!

"Policing is not arbitrary. It is specifically and systematically designed to control Black people, Indigenous people, brown people – all those who aren't white." – Sabaah Folayan

When Sabaah Folayan screened her deeply moving, critically cutting debut feature Whose Streets? (USA, 2017, 103') in Montreal in October 2017, the director took questions from an audience that was packed into the H-110 Auditorium at Concordia University. When one member attempted to correct something he had (incorrectly) perceived as wrong in the film, Folayan responded (paraphrasing): Why is it every time a Black woman gets up on a stage a white man feels the need to correct her? This moment of making white supremacy visible, despite its veiled delivery, is but one powerful aspect of WHOSE STREETS? The other is making Black community care and collective resistance visible, and crucially, valued.

Folayan's unique and politically potent feature is the story of how violent acts of white supremacy and anti-Black racism can ignite a community, and eventually a global movement. The movement hasn't stopped, as recent protests following the police killing of George Floyd demonstrate, and we are grateful for the committed and engaged work of Folayan and other BIPOC filmmakers, moving fiercely forward to document and inspire.

As global protests against police brutality and anti-Black racism continue, we are offering free streaming of Whose Streets? – just enter the code BLACKLIVESMATTER. If you haven't seen this stunning work, watch it today, follow up with the incredible 30 minute Q&A video (with quest host Will Prosper), and see you in the streets.


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